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Evening all!

I have just had the busiest day ever and so I am now at home, relaxing in bed with a hot chocolate and I thought I’d come on here and write about my day before I come and chat to some of you gorgeous people.

My day started as bad as it could have, my car wouldn’t start, so I went to catch a bus and missed it! I had to wait 45 minutes for the next one, making me so late for work, and even though I am the boss, it doesn’t mean I get to be late whenever I like, there is so much to do that being late means I have to work later! I had a whole table and 6 chairs set to restore today and it was a mess, really needed some work doing to it all, then it needed sanding down, painting, varnishing, then I needed to make some perfect seat cushions for it. Making the cushions is my best part of the job though because it just ties everything together and makes a project complete, plus I love working on my sewing machine because it is an art that I have learned from my mum and her mum, too!

SoI finally got to work over an hour late, and the place was freezing! So I had to call out a heating engineer on an emergency call out which cost an arm and a leg, but he managed to get the job done pretty quick, and he was fit so he was good on the eye!! Which was pretty distracting though! So I didn’t get to finish my table and chairs till gone 8 pm, I was exhausted and covered in paint! My friend Tony who works just down the road saw my lights on and he took pity on me and gave me a lift back to my house. He’s a great bloke, but a huge flirt who is always trying to find a good enough excuse to come into my house, unfortunately for him, I was way too tired today and so there was no chance of a coffee for him!

So, I went to chuck some dinner in the oven and I have literally run out of everything, typical! So I called for a pizza and ran myself the bubbliest bath ever. It was the perfect remedy to a totally pain in the bum day! I am now snuggled up in my bed, telly on, pizza, what more could a girl want! So now I feel really relaxed I think I will come and see who is up for a chat with me! Come and give me a call, cheer me up! You know the drill and my pin is 9803. I’m hoping to chat to loads of you tonight because you always manage to make me feel good and put a great smile on my face before I fall asleep!

Looking forward to our chat tonight guys and girlies! Love, Bobbie 🙂

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