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Hello Gentleman! Daisy here.

I’m just back from the most awesome holiday with my friends. We went to Paris for 3 days for my friend Kate’s hen do and what a laugh a minute trip that was! We all bundled into a minibus at about 5 am on Monday and off we went to the airport. Kate was wearing the typical hen do ‘L’ plate and bridal tiara so that everyone in the airport knew her free and single days were numbered! And it seemed to attract men toward us like a magnet! Not only were men chatting up Kate and trying to change her mind but they were chatting up all of the rest of us, too. One group of lads off on a business trip to Berlin gave us their numbers, and I am more than happy to send one or two of them that caught my eye a cheeky, sexy text or two now that we are back from Paris!

The hen do was so much fun, we went to loads of nightclubs and bars in the evenings, and then spent our hungover few days shopping and just all being together. All of us have such demanding jobs that we rarely get to spend much quality time together now compared to those good old days, and so our trip to Paris was really precious to us all. There was 8 of us all together, and we rented a chalet on the outskirts of Paris, it was stunning and the views were out of this world. We were able to just do our thing, enjoy each other and relax together. There were 2 big king size beds, so 4 of us slept in one and the other 4 slept in the other. There were a few single beds and a sofa bed, but we all wanted to be together all of the time! 

On the last night, we didn’t bother going out, we just all brought a bottle and made a night of it in the chalet, and what a perfect night it was! We took loads of photos, (some of them got a little saucy!) but we have been friends for life so its just how we are when we are together! Maybe I will share one of the saucy snaps with one of those hunks from the airport!

Now we are back and life has gone back to normal, we are all missing Paris like crazy! But my room mate Claire and I have loads of happy memories to look back on which is great. Claire has her girlfriend over soon for a romantic evening so I will be in my room having some fun with you guys at cheapest chat! Come and give me a call, you know the drill! My pin number is 5876 and I am here, and I am so in the mood for some sweet and saucy fun with you! 

Come and let me know about any stories from any hen or stag do’s you have been on, let’s compare notes!

Love, Daisy xx

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