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Alright boys! It’s Chloe 🙂

I hope your all doing good? I just thought I’d write and tell you all about my weekend and about how amazing it was! So I went off on a Christmas shopping trip with my sister, Yasmin. She’s a couple of years older than me but we look like twins! In fact, we are so alike that we have tricked people more than a few times! She even went on a date for me once! But that’s another story for another day! 

So we booked in at a really gorgeous B and B in Bristol, it was so gorgeous, we didn’t want to leave! We shared a massive room that was decorated all red and gold, it had a massive chandelier and they even put a Christmas tree in our room, it was the cutest thing! So anyway, we got settled in our lush suite, Yas went and took full advantage of the big freestanding bath and all the free goodies that were lined up next to it! 

Once Yas was all dressed and primped and preened for the day, we set off to Bristol town centre, I had never been there before but OMG was I impressed by it! The shops were gorgeous, the stalls and the market were out of this world and the people, wow! Yas knew Bristol better than me because she came here a few times with her ex boyfriend a few years ago. 

After a couple of hours of hardcore shopping, we had to give up and get something to eat! We found a lovely little pub just outside town so we went in there for a couple of drinks and some gorgeous pub grub (my favourite!)

While we were sitting at the bar after our lunch having a wine or 3, we got chatting to a couple of gorgeous Bristolian farmers called Chris and Darren. They were mega flirty but so were we so it was all good! They were keen to give us their phone numbers so we were more than happy to take them! 

After a few more drinks, Yas and I left the pub and the fit lads and went back to our B and B to chill out, Yas got straight on her phone to text Chris who was the younger of the two lads, and they have been texting and snap chatting non stop all evening! I’m holding on for a bit till I send Darren a message because I don’t want to come across too keen! I like to play hard to get, it really gets my pulse racing when a guy is totally making an effort!

I think I will wait till the end of the week till I send Darren a message, because Chris keeps telling Yas to get me to message Darren and I am enjoying it to be honest! I don’t know if I will really make it through a whole week without saying anything to him because he is on my mind quite a lot and I would like to meet him again, who knows!

Speak soon, everyone!

Chloe x

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