30.11.2018 – Rebecca (3315)

“Rebecca is one of those wonderful ladies that adores chatting to new people. She can be high maintenance at times but that just makes her more spicy! Rebecca is one of our best cheap chat phone girls.” Management. 

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Hello boys! And girls of course!

Rebecca here, writing this from a very modern looking hotel room in the middle of town. I have had to come here for a night because I managed to flood my flat. How embarrassed am I?! So, I was running myself a bath, when the phone rang. It was a guy I met on the tube last week who was so sexy, I couldn’t not give him my number! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting him to call me, but he did and so I had the biggest grin on my face. I stood there wearing nothing but my soppy grin and underwear for almost an hour before I realised I hadn’t turned the bath taps off!

So, long story short, I now have plumbers in sorting out my stupid accident! So they recommended I stay at a hotel for a night so that I can access a bathroom without slipping a**e over elbow while mine dries out. No major damage was done (apart from the bruise on my ego of course!) but I am laughing at it already so it can’t be all bad news, and, the silver lining is that Mr gorgeous from the tube has offered to meet me in town later, so thank God he has a sense of humour huh! So maybe this stay in a hotel room won’t be all lonely and boring as I initially thought!

I am going to wear something a little too tight and revealing because this feels like an opportunity too good to play safe! And then, as soon as I get back home tomorrow afternoon, I can enjoy some cheap chat with some of you lovely lot which is something that always brightens my day! So whether this date is a hit or a load of rubbish, I know that I can still enjoy myself with a few sessions of live chat with my favourite fellas and ladies on here.

I can’t wait to find out what you guys have been up to this week, I love to hear about your days and your naughty stories, they always give me plenty to think about and smile about!

In between all of this manic flirting, I really should get a little bit of Christmas shopping done. The trouble is, I just can’t seem to get enough of the attention at the moment, and so I keep putting things like Christmas on the back burner and spending all of my free time on the phone! Still, I’m sure there are worse things right?! Everyone needs their vice and this is mine, I love it!

I should also make some time free to spend with my best friend Kelly, she has been plaguing me with texts for ages now and I have been fobbing her off with excuses so that I can play with my other friends on cheapest chat. I should meet up with her soon because we do always have such a giggle and we are on the same naughty wavelength. In fact, I reckon she would love to use this chat service, too. I will get her to come and join in the fun!

Well, I better go and get ready for this date anyway!

Speak soon, babes!


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