28.11.2018 – Emma (3775)

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Hey Guys, its Emma (3775),

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What a day. I got to work late after missing my train, then my boss decides to move my deadlines so that I now have twice as much work to do! But, I got it all done and I have just got home to a very well deserved bubble bath and a delicious glass of wine. There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a massage right now! I picked up Chinese food on my way home because I have no energy for cooking tonight, but it was yummy. I am now in my huge super king size bed with my wine and my laptop, finally chilling after a crazy hard day.

I feel like I really need to let my hair down this weekend, so I’m thinking about calling a few of my closest girl friends and getting them over for a pamper evening and a few cheeky bottles of rose. I love to make a fuss of my favourite girls, because if I can make them feel good, it makes me feel good too. I’ll get lots of lotions and candles in so that we can all really feel pampered and chilled, perfect!

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On Sunday, I will be getting myself up to the gym for a good workout, it’s my favourite way to end the week because it makes me feel great and it gives me the energy I need for another busy week ahead at work. I love to just get on the treadmill and run all my stresses away, and it works a treat too! After that, I will come back home and cook something delicious for dinner. I love cooking because I can really express myself in my food. I can be a little bit spicy myself so I always like to add a little kick of chilli in many of the things I create in the kitchen! Then I will follow that with something naughty and sweet, again a bit like me! 

Then, on Sunday evening, I can relax, slip into something comfortable and then decide on what to wear for work on Monday. I’m thinking maybe my little grey pencil skirt with the slit up the side and my low cut white blouse. What do you guys think? I’ll team that up with my black heels and I’ll be good to go! I like to get myself ready for work the night before so that I can spend my evenings doing stuff I really enjoy like chatting to my lovely men here at cheapest chat, my favourite way to have fun and to get my flirt on! I feel extra flirty tonight after such a mad day in the office so I am hoping that lots of my lovely guys will be in touch to play with me tonight, it’s just what I need now that I am here in my big warm bed feeling extra cosy and relaxed! 

So come and give me a call, guys, I’m available right now and keen to enjoy a cheeky live chat with you! 

Emma xx

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