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Let’s just say, I ache! Over the weekend my girlfriend, Amy, sent me a link to a yoga class, we’ve spoken about it before but I’ve never given it much more thought until now. I read it and finally plucked up the courage to give it ago. Today was my first day. I dragged Amy with me for a bit of moral support, so we put out sports bras on and got ready to go!

Of course, you cannot go into these things looking like an amateur, so yesterday I went out and spoiled myself to some new yoga clothes ( I shouldn’t have really..oopsie) I got these lovely soft tight leggings with a matching sports bra, they really don’t leave much to the imagination, but I tell you now they made my bum look really perky!

I booked us for an early morning class, Amy wasn’t too happy about that as she loves to lay in bed. I got up at 6 am and took a long walk to the studio. I have to say, I looked the part. My lovely new skin tight gym wear clinging to every curve on my body, my toned flat tummy on show, I felt great. I laid my matt out on the floor and sat ready and waiting in position. The yoga teacher was a man, and he was VERY handsy one at that (but between us I enjoyed that bit the most..shhh ). He had us bending in all these different shapes, I didn’t realise how flexible I was! I could arch my back all the way down and even got my legs right above my head… I think that may come in handy one day. At one point he had us in a position called downward dog. I was on all fours with my cute little perky bum pointing in the air, he then came straight behind me, lifted my hips higher and pushed my back right down flat! I have to say I am not sure if that’s what got me all hot a steamy or the workout…but I definitely felt something tighten.
I really enjoyed the class and I left all hot and sweaty paired with some new inappropriate thoughts about the yoga teacher putting me in downward dog. I think I will be going back next week for sure.

Afterwards, we walked over the road to our favourite little coffee shop. We sat there with a large frothy cappuccino in our hands and chattered away about our experience in class. Turns out she had the hot’s for Mr. Yoga as well, we even spoke about him giving us both a private lesson. We don’t mind sharing me and Amy, in fact, we’ve done it a few times before, we love nothing more than a private class to get our blood pumping and hearts racing. We make a real pair and are totally comfortable with each other, there is nothing we haven’t seen already ( which is great when you’re in these yoga positions). However, you have to be on the ball to handle both of us. I can’t wait to go back next week, I think I might even be getting one of those yoga bums already!!

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